Kathrin Bauer

June 2016

For me, working artistically means to investigate and to understand how the world is constructed. Especially in these works on paper I am observing how structures are created, where and how something gets tight and dense and where and how transparent. For me, the structures of my drawings are somehow an image of how the world is built and of its endless possibilities.

My drawings are made by only two elements: a circle and a line. Nevertheless this vocabulary provides unlimited possibilities for my creations. Perhaps it is similar to the binary code that basically consists only in ones and zeros, but its possibilities are endless.
These elements and combinations are repeated and through this repetition a certain structure is created. Repetition is so important because it allows initiating an ambivalent process of control and not control. During the process I or the same structure brings up a certain rule. This rule is positive in the first place but there is always a point where the rule turns into a rigid and destructive method. My drawings are moving between density and transparency, strictness and openness. These aspects are depending poles in an existing duality. I am interested in knowing how much density and how much transparency is needed in a harmonious system.

In fact besides being drawings, my drawing process has a lot to do with writing. I usually use ink pens and quite normal paper with a grid. The creating structures have something of a textile but also of a text. The old connection of text (Latin: weaving) and textile is underlying my work. As in texts, every trace builds up endless connections and references to other traces.